Glenorchy CC ICSL Partnership Agreement
Date of Event : Sat Sep 2, 2017 11:54PM
Raj Chopra & Simon Stebbings discuss the new agreement at KGV

Glenorchy CC ICSL Partnership Agreement

The Glenorchy Cricket Club (GCC) and Intercultural Sports League (ICSL) is continuing to develop its partnership agreement to promote sport to improve community engagement and inclusion. Last year GCC with support from Hon. Elise Archer MP provides scholarships to two ICSL members Kumar Gopi Sarwan and Vikrant Singh providing equipment and funding for them to play Premier League cricket. This year we are looking to expand the partnership and looking to host all the ICSL T20 finals at KGV as well as developing shared training facilities to support the growing ICSL cricket League. (Hurricanes Champions League). The partnership will include a continuation of growing our milo cricket partnership providing opportunity for kids from the ICSL community as well as cricket clinics and Player sharing between the competitions.

Last updated: Sunday September 3, 2017 12:35AM